Demon Freeze Screenwash De-Icer 2.5L CDF025


Demon Freeze De-Icer Screenwash

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CarPlan Demon Freeze is a Winter Screenwash and De-Icer which has been scientifically formulated to clear the windscreen of ice and snow. Demon Freeze contains powerful cleaning agents which quickly remove dirt, grime and insect deposits in all driving conditions.

During the winter months, it is extremely important to have a windscreen which is free of rain, sleet, and snow; this ensures a better vision of the road and improved driving safety. Demon Freeze offers winter protection to -20°C and contains Bitrex® to help prevent ingestion.


  • Prevents screenwash from freezing in the tank and pipes
  • Can be sprayed directly onto your car windscreen to de-ice your car through your washer jets
  • Can also be diluted for summer use
  • Pleasant cherry fragrance



Dilute Demon Freeze accordingly dependent on weather conditions. At conditions of -5°C use a dilution rate of 1:3 (25% Demon Freeze, 75% Screenwash). At conditions of -10°C use a dilution rate of 1:1 (50% Demon Freeze, 50% Screenwash). At conditions of -20°C use Demon Freeze neat.

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