Magazine featured lada 1500s on air!

Fancy standing out from the crowd in something very different? Has been fully featured in Fast Car and Retro Car magazine, and now it could be yours!

the lowdown

  • 1976 Lada 1500 S
  • full bare metal restoration in factory Carnaby blue
  • 1706cc motor on twin carbs
  • air ride with manual managment



Repainted original VAZ Carnaby Blue with rear panel painted matt black; universal bolt-on arches; Russian roof rack; dog window vents; Russian Vihur boot spoiler; red 1500S badges; front airdam.


1,706cc Lada 8v; 2106 (1600) crank case; deck height reduced 1.5mm; 80.40mm Fiat 128/Uno pistons; 84mm crankshaft with ex-Juha Rajavuori race flywheel; Lada 2121 (Niva) 1700 modular head gasket; standard 2101 Lada head skimmed 0.8mm; Aerodynamical BMW E30 bronze valve guides; full-length Elring valve stem seals; A.E/Federal Mocal valves cut back 30 degrees with 3-angle seats; ported and polished with opened-up valve pockets and slightly blended short side radius; Finnish Folk Racing fast-road camshaft; twin Weber 40 DCOE carbs with 32mm chokes and Peter Havassy linkage; stock Lada 2104/5 5-speed gearbox.


9x15in Watanabe RS wheels – powdercoated gold with cut-back lips; Lada 2107 centre caps; 215/45 Toyo Proxes T1-R tyres; full Russian air-ride system from Garage 1970; airbags and control from; air tank fabricated from two Russian fire extinguishers; Master-Sport Keramik drilled and grooved front discs with fast road pads.


Standard Lada 2103 red interior; Chevrolet Impala SS bowtie steering wheel on Springalex boss; centre console modified to take air-ride controls and gauges; Russian aftermarket slip-on headrests.


£ 14,995.00

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