Take a look at a couple of the projects going on behind closed doors at CEAutomotive HQ!

ZAZ 965A

17hp of Ukranian goodness, all coming from that little 887cc air cooled V4 engine mounted out the back….and then we decided to put it on the floor!


It’s a car that most of you will have never heard of, us neither until a friend of ours from Bulgaria found one stashed away whilst hunting for a Zaz 968M for the boss, who has a bit of a liking for the rare and unusual! So, after a few short conversations via whatsapp, the deal was done and before we knew it, this little Zaz was hurtling its way from the depths of the warmer climes of Bulgaria and making its way to the UK. 

Well, there’s only one thing to do when a car like this touches down at CEAutomotive…….

………and that’s to get it on the floor! With a suspension set up very similar to a VW beetle, it wasn’t long before the lads worked out the best way to get it down….! So, then we paid a visit to the Only Charged Dubs website to get the air kit ordered! 



Magtar 986

what happens when you have an accident damaged Porsche Boxster lying around the workshop??!!

Well, the insurance would only have written it off so rather than send it to the crushers, we have decided to give it a new lease of life! There’s a story behind this and some of you may already know or even seen the youtube video…but James Shelvey (our Workshop Manager and the main man behind the day to day running at HQ), took the Boxster on a one way trip to the Nurburgring for a friends Stag weekend. It wasn’t planned to be a one way trip put it that way! Not for James or the Boxster! Luckily James and his passenger Tom came out unscathed. The same can’t be said for the Boxster which eventually returned back to HQ a week later on the back of our trailer!

So, the hunt (which lasted about 20 minutes on our lunch break!), was to find a ‘suitable’ shell which may be of similar dimensions to the Boxster. It’s amazing what gems and oddities you can find on ebay on your lunch hour! Well, we stumbled across this shell for a car known as a Magenta Tarragon listed for £100!! Nope, we’d not heard of one either! A 1970’s kit car based on a Ford Escort floor pan! After all of 2 messages, a deal had been struck with the seller and we then became the ‘proud’ owners of a 45 year old fibre glass shell! That was the easy bit! the next shows the skills and imagination of what can be done by our very talented bunch of guys!!

keeping watching this space for updates as it happens!